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Angel Beats 1 - Don't Think

Visual artists Key...chartacter designs of Kanon...guns...this will not end well.

Morning, Sunshine

Let's get one thing off the table.  There are so many plot and logic holes I could go nuts trying to document them all.  And it's very apparent they are only going to flesh out enough of the world to make any one particular episode make sense.  The only way I'm staying sane is to jump to the conculsion that everything the main characters think they know about this world is completly wrong and they are in something else entirely.  Now we're all in the dark, and I can get back to the show.

Sense, this show makes none

That being said, I'm going to assume most of you know the plot, a purgatory high school where the students are staging a heavily armed revolt against God and Angel, and concentrate on the astetics. Key's strength is always their character designs, which in the case of the two main characters, is both lower and greater than expected.  The first is Yuri (NotHaruhi), the leader of the rebels.

Red hair, not black, important

Let's face it, she's Haruhi.  From bow to attitude, kind of disappointing.  The other character is Angel.  She speaks softly and carrier a big, bullet deflecting knife.

Who knew bullets were binary?

She falls outside Key's normal by being TOO mysterious, quiet and overpowered.  Not that we have enough of her to make any judgements, but you can guess where they're going with her.  Of course, character development is going to be hard considering her reaction to any other character is to gut them like a fish.

But what about the show?  It's an odd combination of introspective visuals and comedy.  I found it odd that every memeber of the SSS Brigade is a joke stereotype character.  Then there is the fact that no one can die in the afterlife, leading to an oddly dark version of slapstick.  The protagonsist gets killed 102 times in the first episode alone.  But then you throw in amnesia, and you're back to a serious, mysterious tone.  And to be honest, it switches tones on a dime, which is jarring at times.

This may be episode 1-idice, and it will take a few for this show to find its legs.  In the mean time, I expect there to be an entire episode just explaining the laundry system in this world.

One with extra strength stain remover

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    Anime - TWiA - Angel Beats 1 - Don't Think
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    Anime - TWiA - Angel Beats 1 - Don't Think
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    Anime - TWiA - Angel Beats 1 - Don't Think

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