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Amagami SS Ep1 - Live Blogging

It's a new summer anime season, and new shows demand our attention.  In an attempt to try something new, why don't you que up that first episode of Amagami SS, the latest dating sim turned anime, and follow along as I share my thoughts real time below:

0:45 Is getting stood up a life changing event in Japan?

0:50 Oh god this is going to suck - not a soundtrack I'm going to be hunting down
1:52 First Kimikiss connection - isn't that same shot in that opening too?

2:58 "You're in the closet"  That puts an interesting twist on things

4:20 Sister character - yep, we're in an eroge

4:50 Remember, when meeting a long time friend in the first episode of an anime, be sure to call them by their full, formal name for no reason

5:42 I'm guessing this is our girl of the week introduction

6:05 and infodump COMPLETE!

7:10 one girl at a time please, I can't keep all these intros straight

9:25 was this animated by 8 year olds or are her eyes supposed to be pointed two different directions?

9:39 I think she snapped his neck…

10:11 all she did was compliment him, yet I conclude she's a stone cold harpy.  Maybe it's me…

10:48 I've lost count, how many girls were in this game again???

11:30 we now return to mundane conversation theater…

12:46 why am I not surprised

13:18 books about bitches for the…OK, not going for that joke just yet

14:06 even her best friend knows when she's being a stone cold playa

14:48 the feeling of being dumped?  This guy needs a hobby
15:14 are they playing Buck-Buck?!?

15:55 This is wrong on so many levels

16:22 I BET you did :)

16:40 I think her bitchdar just went off…

18:10 Baka Ni-Ni was my high school cover band

19:09 I'm going to chalk up the "carrying a handwarmer to school" to one of those charming cultural quirks that make Japanese people deathly afraid of gloves

19:47 I get the feeling nice guys finish last

20:26 Oh don't take the bait you moron

20:40 Seriously, it looks like she's about to go for his neck

20:55 Did she just trick him into confessing so she could shot him down?  I think at long last, I have no issues assigning BITCH to Haruka

22:00 and back in the closet!

Overall, that was pretty ho hum, and yet I want to watch more.  Mostly to see her taken down a peg.  A WHOLE PEG!

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    Anime - TWiA - Amagami SS Ep1 - Live Blogging

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